Cool “Dreams” Cover

I came across this cool cover of Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams” by Gabriell Aplin and Bastille. I love Fleetwood Mac, so I wasn’t  sure that I would like the cover. But,  i’m also a big fan of Gabrielle Aplin’s music, and I gave it a try.  I’m so happy I did!


DIY Mermaid Costume Part 2

If you haven’t read part 1 yet check it out here!

Like I said in my first post, my goal is to preserve the integrity of the dress, so I needed a top that would cover it.

I started out by cutting the plain white tee into a tank top. I taped out the area that I needed to paint.





After I had the base down, I tried the shirt on over the dress. Next it was time to embellish. I had a bunch of sequins that I used a glue gun to attach. I added shading and used puffy paint to add dot details.


This was probably the longest step. I added glitter glue and gems as well. Finally, I painted a scalloped edge in a darker color to add contrast. If you’re doing a project like this remember to have paper behind the fabric to catch extra paint since t-shirt material is pretty thin.

Here is the finished product:




The last picture is in the back where I wanted to add a little detail.

My next post will hopefully be the entire costume finished, so look forward to that!

DIY Mermaid Costume Part 1

So in case you’ve been sitting around wondering what my kitchen counter top looks like right now… TADA:



It’s almost Halloween, and while i’m usually the throw a costume together the night before kind of girl, this year i’ve decided to put a little more effort into my ensemble.

I have an hand-me-down prom dress that I never wore ( light blue sequined material in the left corner), and i’ve decided to turn it in to what I hope will be a very classy, blue mermaid gown that I can wear this year.

I’m trying to preserve as much of the dress as possible, so i’m having to be creative. I took out the layer of tool under it, but other than that I don’t want to alter the dress further.


bye bye scratchy tool!


My plan:

1. take out tool (done!)

2. Create attachable bottom piece to make the dress more of a mermaid style.

3. Cut, paint, and embellish plain white t-shirt that will cover top half of dress.

I’m using this picture of Kim’s Halloween costume as my inspiration. I like that way that she was a mermaid, but without showing any stomach.


A run down of my materials:

– prom dress

– white t-shirt

– random sheer fabric

– ribbons

– paints

– Mardi Gras beads

– buttons

– and pretty much anything else I can find around the house

The next step i’m going to do is to cut and paint the shirt! Wish me luck. I’ll be keeping everyone updated on here.

Dorm Style: Put a Plant in It

One of, by far, the most underrated and under-appreciated dorm room style tips is to add plants. It’s hard to convince students who are just about to go off on their own that, not only do they need to take care of themselves, but they should also take care of a plant.
Plants add color, life, style, and a feeling of home to any space. This is often what residence hall rooms are in desperate need of.

They can be a great gift to graduates or an addition to a room if residents want to feel more at home. Now, disclaimer, i’ve always loved plants, so having them in my room freshman year was a MUST, but there are plenty of options for students with less of a green thumb.

My tips:
1. pick a fun, colorful, or unique pot – It doesn’t even need to be a pot! I planted beautiful succulents in a glass teacup in this post.

2. Choose a low-maintenance plant – check out succulents or air plants

3. Keep it small – Students are usually already cramped for space, so make sure it can fit on a desk.

4. Send instructions – If it’s a gift, add a cute and cheesy instruction guide with care reminders.



Friday Favorite: EO French Lavender Shower Gel


So, I’m a huge fan of essential oils and everything natural. What I love about this shower gel is that the lavender oils smell really pure. It doesn’t have that sort of “forced” imitation scent that I find in many other “lavender” products.

I find the scent really soothing, and it makes my shower time seem more luxurious. It also makes my skin feel really good after. They have several other scents and products that i’m interested in, but I have yet to try any others.

You can find a really great description of the product as well as a detailed list of ingredients here. A 16oz pump bottle is $12.99 on their website.

I’ve loved doing these quick little Friday Favorite reviews of some of my go-to beauty favs. Is there any particular area of my beauty routine that y’all would like to see a review from in my upcoming posts?


Friday Favorite: Shimmer!

This week’s Friday Favorite is one of my favorite products. I don’t know if it’s the years of dance team or simply something growing as a girl has instilled in me, but I love a good, classy glitter.  I picked up LASplash “mineral eyeshadow and body & face glitter” in Exquisite (76618) on sale at Ulta a while ago.


      It’s become one of my go to shadows for everything from a night out to a beach day. The golden color works great for me and makes it really elegant if applied correctly. I love to use it on the lid and inner crease and then blend out the rest of the crease and outside with a subtle brown.


         LASplash offers it in a variety of colors, but I think that this is probably the best of the options.

As with most loose  shimmers and glitters, it may fall a little after application, but i’ve never had a real problem with it.

If you love the nail polish that i’m wearing, be sure to check out last week’s Friday Favorite!!! I think the shadow and polish look so good together!