DIY Mermaid Costume Part 2

If you haven’t read part 1 yet check it out here!

Like I said in my first post, my goal is to preserve the integrity of the dress, so I needed a top that would cover it.

I started out by cutting the plain white tee into a tank top. I taped out the area that I needed to paint.





After I had the base down, I tried the shirt on over the dress. Next it was time to embellish. I had a bunch of sequins that I used a glue gun to attach. I added shading and used puffy paint to add dot details.


This was probably the longest step. I added glitter glue and gems as well. Finally, I painted a scalloped edge in a darker color to add contrast. If you’re doing a project like this remember to have paper behind the fabric to catch extra paint since t-shirt material is pretty thin.

Here is the finished product:




The last picture is in the back where I wanted to add a little detail.

My next post will hopefully be the entire costume finished, so look forward to that!


Cute DIY Crochet Slippers

This is my first ever crochet project! I’ve knit for years, but i’m so glad that I finally decided to teach myself to crochet. It’s so relaxing, and this project didn’t take very long.

I started one evening, relying on Youtube videos and this great pattern that I found on this cute WordPress blog. I had the next day off, and by noon, my cute new slippers were on my feet. The only alterations I made to the pattern was to add a second sole for comfort and durability and remove the maryjane strap.  I sort of wish that I had added some reinforcement to the toe area also.


       I found the yarn, as well as the crochet hook, and a thrift shop. It was only 50 cents, and the color is Candy Coral.

Here they are before adding any cute details:


I wanted to add a cute bow, or some sort of detail. I crocheted two cute bows, but the color wasn’t enough of a contrast. I looked through a basket of scraps from other projects and found the perfect little ribbon.

And here is my first photo of the finished project:


They’re super comfy and soft! I know that this will be a project that I do again. I think a pair of these would make a perfect gift!



And there you go! I feel like a ballerina!




Teacup Succulents

I love plants! From the collection on my desk, almost anyone can tell. With all the attention succulents are getting, it probably won’t come as a surprise that I was interested in adding one to my little family.

Something about succulents really seems to drive people towards creativity. Pinterest is full of projects and beautiful creations.

So…. what idea did I come up with for my own succulent?



    I knew that I needed to keep the project small so that it could fit on my already overflowing desk. A quick trip to one of my favorite thrift shops landed me a a glass teacup for 25 cents. I knew that it would be the perfect container for my succulent.

If your interested in planting a succulent remember that they need good drainage. As you my be able to tell from the picture below, I filled the bottom of  the container with sand.


    Every time I look at my dainty little teacup full of succulents, I think back to making “fairy gardens” in the backyard with my sisters. We would create tiny little villages out of twigs, flowers, and leaves. There’s something so sweet and magical about the tiny size and style of a teacup garden!


   I really loved my pillow project and the dresser one i’m still working on, but this is so cute! It’s definitely at the very top of my list right now!

Quick Built in Update

I’m not saying that I expect apartment built ins to be particularly stylish, but this particular bathroom built in has been bothering me for weeks now. It’s in the bathroom, directly across from the toilet.

The built in and I have basically been having a stare down, and I think i’ve finally won.

It started out looking like this:


    I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to do with it. Because of the limitations I have since it can’t be painted/ altered drastically, I needed an easy, removable solution.

    Believe it or not, I didn’t even turn to Pinterest for this project! I had some tissue paper left over from a previous project, and I knew exactly what I wanted to do!



    I removed the shelving then used painters tape and two sheets of tissue paper to transform the entire built in.

    And here it is:


I would suggest this project for anyone in an apartment or dorm room. I think it’s also great for someone who likes to switch up their decor often. I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out.

IKEA Dresser Hack Part 1

I’m so excited to be sharing this! I’ve wanted to do some furniture updating/ painting for a while now. Finding the time and the right project took some time, but it was worth it.

This is definitely not the right place to go if you are looking for advice, but who knows… maybe you’ll be able to learn from my mistakes . This was my first attempt, and i’ll be updating the blog as i make progress.

I found this simple IKEA dresser for $10 on Facebook. It’s a good size, and I knew I wouldn’t really have to do much sanding and prep. 140529_0000

It sat in my room for several weeks until I would start working on it. I already had a spray paint in a light yellow color that i’d been saving for the right project.

Pinterest became my main source of inspiration. I put together a pretty nice inspiration board. You can check it out below:

After a couple coats on the drawers:


I removed the handles and plan to replace them with new hardware. I want to paint the rest a blue color I think. It’s still a work in progress, but i’m enjoying it.

Hopefully the next post will be a nearly completed project. I’ll also share some of the sites/ blogs that I found helpful while planning for this project.

If you have any advice or have a relevant post that you think I should check out, leave me a comment!


Nearly-Free Knitting Needles


       I taught myself to knit sometime in middle school. I love it, but for some reason I lose my knitting needles on a regular basis. This usually results in me using pencils, but I wanted a better option.

       This quick project was started because I couldn’t bring myself to buy a new pair of knitting needles that I knew wouldn’t last very long.

     The biggest limit to this project is that they can only be created in one size.


The Steps:

  1.  Pick up an extra pair of chopsticks next time you get sushi or Chinese food.
  2. Sand down the chopsticks. (This is mostly necessary to get a finer point)
  3. Use nail polish to add color and smoothness. (This was the most fun part of the project for me)

It’s as simple as that! I know I can’t be the only person that has thought about turning chopsticks into knitting needles. If you’ve done this project before and have any more tips, i’d love to hear them!

Quick Lamp Revamp

140519_0001    Here is a quick sneak peak of the finished product! It adds just the perfect amount of design to my desk.

But now back to where I started… 

140519_0000      All I can say about this simple lamp is that it is boring! I loved the simple lines, but it needed something to make it really fit in the space. Buying a new lampshade seemed like an unnecessary purchase.

I think it’s during these moments that my true creativity comes out.

      A little bit of paint and 30 minutes later I had this:


I used a picture as inspiration for this design . I started out with a simple pencil trace and then just did my best.

Sprucing up a simple lampshade really has the potential to not only save you a little bit of money but to allow for a very custom and unique style.

There are lots of ways to update a lampshade: trim, paint, beads, etc.  You may want to look at what your favorite store offers to get some more inspiration or check out Pinterest.