DIY Mermaid Costume Part 2

If you haven’t read part 1 yet check it out here!

Like I said in my first post, my goal is to preserve the integrity of the dress, so I needed a top that would cover it.

I started out by cutting the plain white tee into a tank top. I taped out the area that I needed to paint.





After I had the base down, I tried the shirt on over the dress. Next it was time to embellish. I had a bunch of sequins that I used a glue gun to attach. I added shading and used puffy paint to add dot details.


This was probably the longest step. I added glitter glue and gems as well. Finally, I painted a scalloped edge in a darker color to add contrast. If you’re doing a project like this remember to have paper behind the fabric to catch extra paint since t-shirt material is pretty thin.

Here is the finished product:




The last picture is in the back where I wanted to add a little detail.

My next post will hopefully be the entire costume finished, so look forward to that!


Starting Off the Week with New Vera Bradley

Years ago I got a Vera Bradley wallet, and since then, it’s been the main way that I carry my ID/ money/ etc. Years can do a lot to a wallet that gets used every day though.

Introducing my wallet: (and yes, at one time, parts of the flowers were WHITE!)


I think the pictures speaks for itself… it needed to go. One trip to the Vera Bradley outlet store, and for only $6 I walked away with this beauty:


I’m so glad that I was able to find it in the exact same design but with an updated pattern! I’m pretty sure this pattern is called Tutti Frutti.

The design is perfect for all my needs. There’s a great loop where I attach my keys and key chains. The front is clear, so that I don’t have to pull out my ID every time someone needs to see it. It’s the perfect size for holding in my hand, and overall I just love it.

They have a huge range of patterns, so if you like the design, but are looking for something a little different, you can probably find it.

H&M Maxi Love

     For my first H&M purchase, I have to say that I was quite happy! Not only because I got a great Memorial Day sale price, but because the quality, fit, and style are great.

      Several of my friends are huge H&M fans, but I haven’t gotten on the bandwagon until now!


      Here’s one of the two dresses I got (picture from the H&M website where you can get the dress for around $25). The other is the same exact cut and style in a floral print. This pattern was  the more flattering of the two, but I love them both.

     I’ve come to love maxi dresses, but they need to be a light enough fabric for the hot Summer sun. This fabric is just the right weight.

      It has a a string tie at the natural waist that can be tied tighter or looser to adjust the fit.  I ended up buying smalls. I normally wear a larger size, but they’re cut pretty big.

    I think I’ll be heading back to H&M a few times this summer!

Thrift Store Haul

Here’s a look at what my latest adventure produced


140521_0000 140521_0001 140521_0003 140521_0004 140521_0008 140521_0011 140521_0012


The long purple skirt with the cool trim is a boutique brand that I’m not familiar with. The others are: Liz Claiborne, Forever 21, and Banana Republic.

I wore the silver, beaded top with the long purple skirt. They looked so good together! The two other skirts i’m planning to wear at work.

     I’m so happy to give these clothes a new home!

  A couple of things that I  look for:

1. Quality brands

2. No stains/ tears/ holes/ missing buttons/ etc.

3. Good design/ in style

and if you can……

       4. Original price tag                                                                                                         (There’s something so exciting about realizing that you’re getting something at a thrifty store price that may never have been worn)

If you keep these things in mind, no one will ever know that you got your outfit at a thrift shop!