About Us

We are two best friends who met in a 1st grade ballet class but didn’t become friends until high school. Though college life has led us to different states, our friendship has remained strong. If you’re interest in how we made this friendship last, grow, and thrive you can check out our ten tips.

This blog is our way of sharing with you how we have maintained this friendship through college and some of the fun and creative things we have learned along the way, because sometimes the miles just don’t matter.

Check out the tabs above so that you can easily navigate the variety of interests that we have. We love to write about all sorts of things and share with you all the cool projects we do like our tiny succulent teacup garden and our lamp redesign.  Also take the time to watch one of our favorite videos by two amazing poets.

We just updated our theme in 2015! We hope you enjoy our blog as it grows and evolves!


11 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Stephanae V. McCoy says:

    It’s true that miles don’t matter. I have a small handful of good friends since childhood and though we may not touch base for years when we finally do, it’s as if the years have melted away and we pick right up where we left off. You have a very nice blog!!

  2. Cindy H says:

    Thanks for following my blog. I’m finally getting to explore and was intrigued by your blog name. I recently (3 yrs ago) moved across country from my sister’s and cousin’s families (Texas and North Shore, Louisiana, respectively). It takes desire and creativity, sometimes, to stay in touch, but it is well worth it. I congratulate the two of you for realizing the value of your friendship and going the extra mile 😉 to remain an important part of each others lives!

    • milesdontmatter says:

      Thank you so much for your story as well as linking to our blog! It was really hard for us to leave for college knowing that we were starting our lives in different states, but we still call, text, skype, blog, and Facebook almost daily. It is a true blessing to have friends who are willing to put in the effort to make a friendship work long distance.

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