Dorm Style: Put a Plant in It

One of, by far, the most underrated and under-appreciated dorm room style tips is to add plants. It’s hard to convince students who are just about to go off on their own that, not only do they need to take care of themselves, but they should also take care of a plant.
Plants add color, life, style, and a feeling of home to any space. This is often what residence hall rooms are in desperate need of.

They can be a great gift to graduates or an addition to a room if residents want to feel more at home. Now, disclaimer, i’ve always loved plants, so having them in my room freshman year was a MUST, but there are plenty of options for students with less of a green thumb.

My tips:
1. pick a fun, colorful, or unique pot – It doesn’t even need to be a pot! I planted beautiful succulents in a glass teacup in this post.

2. Choose a low-maintenance plant – check out succulents or air plants

3. Keep it small – Students are usually already cramped for space, so make sure it can fit on a desk.

4. Send instructions – If it’s a gift, add a cute and cheesy instruction guide with care reminders.




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