Friday Favorite: Shimmer!

This week’s Friday Favorite is one of my favorite products. I don’t know if it’s the years of dance team or simply something growing as a girl has instilled in me, but I love a good, classy glitter.  I picked up LASplash “mineral eyeshadow and body & face glitter” in Exquisite (76618) on sale at Ulta a while ago.


      It’s become one of my go to shadows for everything from a night out to a beach day. The golden color works great for me and makes it really elegant if applied correctly. I love to use it on the lid and inner crease and then blend out the rest of the crease and outside with a subtle brown.


         LASplash offers it in a variety of colors, but I think that this is probably the best of the options.

As with most loose  shimmers and glitters, it may fall a little after application, but i’ve never had a real problem with it.

If you love the nail polish that i’m wearing, be sure to check out last week’s Friday Favorite!!! I think the shadow and polish look so good together!




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