Starting Off the Week with New Vera Bradley

Years ago I got a Vera Bradley wallet, and since then, it’s been the main way that I carry my ID/ money/ etc. Years can do a lot to a wallet that gets used every day though.

Introducing my wallet: (and yes, at one time, parts of the flowers were WHITE!)


I think the pictures speaks for itself… it needed to go. One trip to the Vera Bradley outlet store, and for only $6 I walked away with this beauty:


I’m so glad that I was able to find it in the exact same design but with an updated pattern! I’m pretty sure this pattern is called Tutti Frutti.

The design is perfect for all my needs. There’s a great loop where I attach my keys and key chains. The front is clear, so that I don’t have to pull out my ID every time someone needs to see it. It’s the perfect size for holding in my hand, and overall I just love it.

They have a huge range of patterns, so if you like the design, but are looking for something a little different, you can probably find it.


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