I need a good face moisturizer! Help!

I’m looking for a good face moisturizer that really hydrates my skin. I’ve been searching for something for a long time with limited luck. I’ve used some high quality products such as Skin by Ann Webb before (which I loved), but it’s kind of getting out of my price range for everyday use at this point.

So here’s kind of the things that are important to me:

– safe for my skin (I have eczema)

– relatively inexpensive ($30 limit preferred)

– mostly natural

– enriched ( I really like products with Vitamin C in them)

– cruelty free definitely preferred


If you use something that meets at least most of these criteria, please comment below. It would really help me!


10 thoughts on “I need a good face moisturizer! Help!

  1. Amber T. says:

    I use the Simple brand Nourishing Moisturizer, and I really like it because it has very few additives but does a good job of moisturizing my occasionally dry skin. It’s very inexpensive at around $10 for 4oz and one bottle lasts me 4-6 months.

    • milesdontmatter says:

      Very cool! I love all the pictures, and it looks like it would be really great for my skin. I also really love Young Living essential oils. I have both of the ones in the picture. Thanks so much! 🙂

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