Cute DIY Crochet Slippers

This is my first ever crochet project! I’ve knit for years, but i’m so glad that I finally decided to teach myself to crochet. It’s so relaxing, and this project didn’t take very long.

I started one evening, relying on Youtube videos and this great pattern that I found on this cute WordPress blog. I had the next day off, and by noon, my cute new slippers were on my feet. The only alterations I made to the pattern was to add a second sole for comfort and durability and remove the maryjane strap.  I sort of wish that I had added some reinforcement to the toe area also.


       I found the yarn, as well as the crochet hook, and a thrift shop. It was only 50 cents, and the color is Candy Coral.

Here they are before adding any cute details:


I wanted to add a cute bow, or some sort of detail. I crocheted two cute bows, but the color wasn’t enough of a contrast. I looked through a basket of scraps from other projects and found the perfect little ribbon.

And here is my first photo of the finished project:


They’re super comfy and soft! I know that this will be a project that I do again. I think a pair of these would make a perfect gift!



And there you go! I feel like a ballerina!





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