Friday Favorite: Amber Blush


    My Friday Favorite for this week is Amber Blush! I love this scent from Bath and Body Works! I’ve been shopping there for my fragrances for several years now. They have such an amazing selection of really great fragrances, and I love that you can get the same scent in a variety of different products.

      There are also a lot of different size options which is great because it allows you to try out a fragrance without making a huge commitment. Their smaller sizes are also perfect for fitting in handbags.

     The fragrance that really got me dedicated to Bath and Body Works was their Sensual Amber. I then tried their Cashmere Glow. While both of these are absolutely great, and I would definitely recommend them, Amber Blush is my favorite for Summer.

     It has a lighter and sweeter scent that I absolutely LOVE, but it still reminds me of my two other favorites! If you’re looking for a Summer fragrance, I would suggest trying it out!


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