Pillows For the Thrifty Woman

#TBT. It’s been a while since I started blogging, and I thought it would be fun to give a little throw back Thursday to my first ever blog post! Thank you so much to everyone in the WordPress community that has followed me!

Miles Don't Matter

I’ve gone shopping, looking for gorgeous pillows to adorn my coaches and bed with, only to be disappointed by their $25 to nearly $65 price tags.

Thankfully, falling in love with a gorgeous place mat and not having any use for it led me to an idea.


         I found this place mate with beautiful embroidery on sale for just $1. The important things to look for are:

  • double-sided
  • quality fabric
  • unique pattern, embroidery, etc.



      Once you’ve found a good place mat, carefully cut a short hole on one size. Make sure it is big enough to fit the stuffing through.



      I’ve been able to find relatively inexpensive stuffing at most craft and fabric stores.



      I love projects that don’t require me to lug out my sewing machine! Make sure that the pillow is stuffed well and that the stuffing…

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