5 Things I Wish I Thought About Before Decorating My Dorm

I think that most incoming college students fall into the trap of designing their dorm room with only one year in mind: the first year. But, there is so much growing and evolving that happens in that first year that many are disappointed with their style choices later on.

College is a time of growing up, so in an anticipation of that, make that dorm room style one that can last even after college!

1. Think about your colors
– Just because your room has been pink for ten years doesn’t mean that your dorm room has to be! Don’t ignore neutrals that you can change up with different accent pieces and colors. It’s much cheaper to buy new accent pillows than it is to purchase a new bedspread.
2. Pick the right lamp
– Don’t get drawn in by the plethora of brightly colored, plastic desk lamps. Opt for a more mature, traditional style lamp.
3. Look for simple bedding or something you think you will still love in 5 years
– You’re going to college! Leave the hot pink, polka dots, and zebra print behind!
4. Consider buying bigger than a twin
– If your bed is going to be pushed up against a wall, buying a larger size comforter will increase the changes that you can use it in a future apartment.
5. Get inspired
– This is a new stage in your life, and decorating in a more mature style may take some getting used to. It’s time to turn to Pinterest, magazines, and style sites for some inspiration.

And most importantly HAVE FUN with it!

Share this with anyone you know that is heading off to their first year of college soon!


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