Teacup Succulents

I love plants! From the collection on my desk, almost anyone can tell. With all the attention succulents are getting, it probably won’t come as a surprise that I was interested in adding one to my little family.

Something about succulents really seems to drive people towards creativity. Pinterest is full of projects and beautiful creations.

So…. what idea did I come up with for my own succulent?



    I knew that I needed to keep the project small so that it could fit on my already overflowing desk. A quick trip to one of my favorite thrift shops landed me a a glass teacup for 25 cents. I knew that it would be the perfect container for my succulent.

If your interested in planting a succulent remember that they need good drainage. As you my be able to tell from the picture below, I filled the bottom of  the container with sand.


    Every time I look at my dainty little teacup full of succulents, I think back to making “fairy gardens” in the backyard with my sisters. We would create tiny little villages out of twigs, flowers, and leaves. There’s something so sweet and magical about the tiny size and style of a teacup garden!


   I really loved my pillow project and the dresser one i’m still working on, but this is so cute! It’s definitely at the very top of my list right now!


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