Thrift Store Haul

Here’s a look at what my latest adventure produced


140521_0000 140521_0001 140521_0003 140521_0004 140521_0008 140521_0011 140521_0012


The long purple skirt with the cool trim is a boutique brand that I’m not familiar with. The others are: Liz Claiborne, Forever 21, and Banana Republic.

I wore the silver, beaded top with the long purple skirt. They looked so good together! The two other skirts i’m planning to wear at work.

     I’m so happy to give these clothes a new home!

  A couple of things that I  look for:

1. Quality brands

2. No stains/ tears/ holes/ missing buttons/ etc.

3. Good design/ in style

and if you can……

       4. Original price tag                                                                                                         (There’s something so exciting about realizing that you’re getting something at a thrifty store price that may never have been worn)

If you keep these things in mind, no one will ever know that you got your outfit at a thrift shop!


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