Quick Lamp Revamp

140519_0001    Here is a quick sneak peak of the finished product! It adds just the perfect amount of design to my desk.

But now back to where I started… 

140519_0000      All I can say about this simple lamp is that it is boring! I loved the simple lines, but it needed something to make it really fit in the space. Buying a new lampshade seemed like an unnecessary purchase.

I think it’s during these moments that my true creativity comes out.

      A little bit of paint and 30 minutes later I had this:


I used a picture as inspiration for this design . I started out with a simple pencil trace and then just did my best.

Sprucing up a simple lampshade really has the potential to not only save you a little bit of money but to allow for a very custom and unique style.

There are lots of ways to update a lampshade: trim, paint, beads, etc.  You may want to look at what your favorite store offers to get some more inspiration or check out Pinterest.




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